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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply and install everything?
Yes we provide a complete supply and installation service.
Can you simply replace our old bath with a modern easy-access shower?
Yes, we offer an extensive range of showers.
My bathroom is small and has an unusual shape. Can you help?
Yes, we will be pleased to arrange for one of our advisors to assess the practicality of installing a new bathroom or wetroom. Of course this service is free and without obligation.
How long does it take to install?
A simple shower or bath replacement can take as little as one day. Depending on the work required, it may take longer, but rest assured that you will be informed if this is the case.
Is C&G Bathrooms and Wetrooms properly qualified for electrical installation work?
Yes we are fully compliant and all electrical work is certificated to part “P” regulations.
How much mess and disruption will I experience?
Very little. Our installer will put down dust sheets to protect your home and take every care to respect your property. We will also ensure that the old bathroom equipment and any rubbish is removed.
Will I be left without toilet facilities?
We always minimise the time you are left without a usable toilet. In the vast majority of installations this is limited to just a few hours.
How long will it take between me placing an order and the installation starting?
When you place your order, our advisor will provide you with a forecast installation timescale.
How much is it going to cost?
Because of each person’s differing needs, bathroom size and existing plumbing system, each job is specific to your requirements and circumstances. So we offer a free and without obligation consultation with one of our advisors to provide you with a price – right down to the penny.
Do you provide me with a full guarantee?
Yes, we provide a comprehensive guarantee on all our products and installation work.

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